Your Own Networking Events

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Your Own Networking Events

You can phenomenally promote your networking event and win the interests of your target market. However, if you do not have an effective way to sign up and communicate with you, many potential guests may be lost. There are older, proven and proven methods and more up-to-date methods that can be used to achieve this goal through technology. I am an advocate of newer, more technological methods, but depending on your market and your goals, the right choice will vary.

Whatever you decide, it must be emphasized that a large percentage of those who are exposed to your promotions will never reach your event unless you focus on that area. This means that much of your effort could be compromised and you wasted valuable time and energy.

Always try to maximize your efforts as time and energy losses can no longer be captured. It’s gone forever. Below are several ways to register and open the communication.

1. Use the online event software

This is my favorite method and works in most situations. Online event sites have built-in software that is easy to use by most inexperienced organizers. They were created by experts in the field of events, so normally all angles have been considered and added. An example would be; Still, it’s not my favorite.

2. Use an RSVP email address for all your promotions

If you send a RSVP email about all your promotions, potential attendees can contact you as they please. Of course, you can always use your personal phone number, but only if you’re ready and willing to answer calls around the clock. Please make sure you leave instructions in the email. Example; “I want to attend and bring a guest.”

3. Use voicemail

Even if you use the RSVP or online software methods, a valid phone number with a friendly and informative voice mail message is the key. In your voicemail, you should include all logon instructions that may appear abstract on your flyer and a request for contact information so that you can answer any questions directly.

4. Use direct mail invitations that require a return

This is one of the older methods that I have already mentioned. Depending on your purpose and the theme of your event, you may send out failed invitations by mail and request that they be returned for official registration.

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