Writing Sell Sheet Examples

Monday, December 2nd 2019. | resumes

Writing-Sell-Sheet-Examples Writing Sell Sheet Examples


Writing Sell Sheet Examples


Your book rolls and you think your sales sheet works hard for you. But is it? Is it because of the results you need? If not, it may be time for a revision. The solution may be to rename, adjust or simply change your existing value proposition before these danger symbols become an unavoidable headache. If you can identify with any of these issues, it’s probably time to rethink the sales sheet of your book. But not too much stress. They can all be fixed.

Sign # 1. Your message is inconsistent

For example, is your sheet reporting the content and information of the book as well as your blog and brand? Are the cover and title of the book as well as the subtitle and backcover information relevant to the book, and do they pass on the right message to the audience of your book? Does your sales sheet project the same message that is included in your other marketing material? Is the content of your blog relevant to the same audience for whom you wrote your book? Having a consistent message across all your marketing materials makes each piece more believable and powerful – and increases your chance of making a sale.

Sign # 2. You do not really understand your audience

While you were writing your book, you had a very specific audience in mind. And of course that’s the best way to write a book. But now that your book has been selling for a few months and your blog has been in use for much longer, you find other groups are buying your book that you did not know would be of interest to your topic. For example, you may receive questions from your blog readers that relate to an audience or demographic group that you have never thought of before. You may also receive questions on your YouTube page that come from another demographic group. All of this new data that you did not have before can help you redesign your sales sheet to better serve the needs of these new audiences. That way, you can also add blog content that better meets the needs of these new audiences. You must always be prepared to change gears to better serve your audience. The more you serve your needs, the more books you will sell.

Sign # 3. You have not connected to libraries

Your goal should be to send the sales sheet of your book to every library in the country. And you should receive feedback from them in the form of book sales or at least some email questions from them. If you do not receive feedback at all, you’ll probably need to reconsider which content on your sheet should be added or changed. Start by reevaluating who the audience of your book really is and what marketing message you use to connect with them. Show your sales sheet to a local librarian and ask for comments and suggestions.

Shield # 4. It does not look professional enough

If your sheet does not look professionally designed and printed, you should not send it in the first place. You only have one chance to make a first impression. So do not miss this opportunity. Look online in other sales sheets and catalogs from other publishers to be inspired by the design. It is also very easy to find an affordable professional graphic designer on the internet. For a fee, some printers have a graphic / design department that will do the design for you. Pay the money and do it right. But even if you hire someone to help you design, you need to know what information needs to be included. If you have not already done so, compare your sheet with others who sell a similar type of book. Everything I write or design I show my children – both in their twenties. They are much smarter than me and can be brutally honest.

Sign # 5. You are not making an emotional connection

For all marketing efforts to be successful, they must establish an emotional connection with the buyer. The better and closer the connection, the more books are sold. Even if you do not know anything else about marketing, you understand that one, and you’ll be a successful marketer and sell more books. The content or message on your sales sheet must be in any way related to the reader. The reader must believe that you understand their needs. And that you share this information with them so they can fix their problem. You have to believe that you have the answers for them.


You may not even notice that your sheet is out of date or not working properly. Check the book quarterly or periodically to give you plenty of time to keep it up-to-date to ensure that it accurately reflects the book you are offering and your contact information. Sales sheets are often the first impression people have of your brand. Take the time to make sure that the sales sheet on your website is always up-to-date, professional, and error-free.