Teach Old Article Topics

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Teach Old Article Topics

Most people have a list of article topics, and when they sit down to write, they select one of their topics and create an article around it. When finished, mark this topic in the list and proceed to the next topic.

Did you know that there are some very basic aspects of your niche that will always be on your list of article topics? You just can not even treat them and delete them from the list – you have to write about this topic and teach it each time in new and different ways.

If you ever thought you could write about anything you can do in your niche, this is a concept that opens your eyes. This means that you can never exhaust your literary themes, as you have several key topics in your subject that you will repeatedly review throughout your article marketing career.

I have this experience myself. I receive many of my article topics from questions that readers and customers ask me, and after giving a detailed answer to the person asking the question, I often use my answer as the basis for a new article.

I keep seeing some questions, so I know that an article that answers this question will be useful. There were some aspects of my niche that I thought were exhausting and everything as clear as the day (in my view). And I thought, “If someone comes to me with this question again, I can just refer him or her to this collection of articles I wrote on this topic.”

To my surprise, sometimes even after reading the articles I wrote on this subject, some readers came back to me and said, “I’m still not sure, can you explain it to me again?”

It just shows that you can make things as clear as you know and give detailed examples, but not everyone will get it the first time. Some people will read the article and be satisfied, while others will read the same article and need more explanations. In this case, the answer is that you are teaching the same topic in a different way.

Why do not your articles meet some people and others? People learn in different ways. Some people prefer a “just the facts” approach and appreciate a simple step-by-step tutorial. Other people need to hear stories and examples for a concept to prevail.

I am sure that we all have had this experience – maybe you will hear a topic that will be taught in a way and you will get some information from the class. Then you hear the topic in a different way and absorb a little more of it. Sometimes we have to read about the subject in different articles and have it taught in different ways before finally saying, “Now I have it!”.

How do you teach the same topic in different ways? One approach is to think of different types of article formats and then use the format as inspiration for a new article.

For example, there are two popular types of free reprint article formats: the article, which explains step-by-step how to do something specific, and the article, which mainly consists of listed elements based on a parent topic.

If you want to teach a topic in two different ways, you can write some of the content that is a tutorial and one that contains a numbered list. For example, one article could be titled “How to Make Your Baby Sleep Through the Night” (this is the step-by-step tutorial) and another article titled “10 Ways to Sleep Your Baby” (that would be). ,

Are there any topics in your own area that you are repeatedly asked about? Are there some basic topics that everyone needs to learn to get their niche under control?

These are the topics you should always keep on your item list. It is a great exercise as a teacher and expert in your niche to find new ways to teach “old” topics.

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