Resume With Purpose and Pizzazz

Resume-With-Purpose-and-Pizzazz Resume With Purpose and Pizzazz


Resume With Purpose and Pizzazz

You may be wondering if this is possible. Are most CVs not as interesting as yesterday’s news?

Yes, most are. But yours does not have to be. You have about three seconds to get the hiring manager’s attention. So do not waste it on banal, stereotyped sentences or a long list of jobs you’ve done – from packing food to overseeing a sales force. Instead, start your resume with a strong goal, including your desire to be called to a job interview that leads to the desired job.

Make this statement in your CV as follows:

Objective: communication trainer

I am looking for an interview for a position where my ability to improve and open communication between management and employees changes interpersonal relationships, leading to an increase in business outcomes and corporate morale.

When it comes to writing a resume, opening an objective is a relatively new technique. How can you be sure that it works? Because the more specific and direct you are with your goal, the more convincing you become for the Hiring Manager. If you are clear about what you want, he or she will be sure to want to meet you.

1. A well-defined goal causes a hiring manager to sit up and keep an eye on you as a person with a goal.

2. A well-defined goal will cause a hiring manager to introduce you to the position you are applying for.

A meaningful statement like the example above jumps from the page of your resume. It will hold your target in front and in the middle. And if your goal is to have a job interview, what could be more important than getting the reader’s attention the moment he or she starts reading.

Here are three more examples of excellent resume opener:

Objective: Executive Secretary

I am looking for an interview for the position where my organizational and communication skills improve the manager’s ability to manage important matters promptly.

Target: Marketing Manager

I’m looking for a face-to-face meeting to secure a job where I can improve my bottom line because of my ten years of experience moving a company from start-up to successful.

Goal: chef

I’m looking for an interview for the opening at Chez Francois, Century City, where my award-winning international-inspired entrees and my unique “very French” chocolate desserts are guaranteed to improve results within three months.

Give your resume a clear goal and the hiring manager can open the door for you – one that leads to a new career in the profession of your dreams.

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