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Personal Resumes

Often women are satisfied that they are less despondent, not only in the men’s department, but also in life, simply because of uncertainties, injuries, rejection, low self-esteem or even old-age problems.

Do you remember the story as a child The three little pigs? The first built his house from straw or hay and the second built his house from sticks (a quick fix).

Is your confidence in life on one level, hay or hey. Do people in your area comment on you frequently?

“Hey you have a present”, “Hey you have a talent, or you are attractive or even look good”?

Maybe they discuss your good points with others. But you do not see or believe in your own unique characteristics.

* My friend, are you relying on the compliments of others to stay strong?

Or how these two (weak) pigsties can not bear pressure. If a wolf, a storm, or someone with negative words comes along, are you destroyed because your inner foundation was not strong enough to withstand the evil storms or insults of life?

Cleopatra was a beautiful woman not only because of her pleasant appearance; but because she had to believe that she was beautiful from the inside first. Imagine if you were raised in the palace with your parents and the citizens who call your princess. This belief in Cleopatra became part of her; to point out that she knew who she was because she heard it every day! “Because faith comes also through hearing …”

Trust A process that sometimes needs to be worked in advance. [Like a test drive] It’s very difficult to fake it further [wrecks are inevitable]

You have to hear it – to become it – to know it.

The Bible says how a man thinks he or she is!

So listen to great things about yourself!

** Not only does God want you to believe, but he also wants to know who you are with confidence and confidence!

Your fate is not set in stone by what people or society say!

Maybe you were not educated in a palace; and your present living conditions are not so desirable.

But you can look into the mirror of the perfect law of freedom to talk about your life circumstances to change!
You may not have had control over where you came from, but you can help decide where you want to go.

Matthew 7:25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon this house; and it did not fall; because it was founded on a rock.

A brick house

The last standing pig was a confident pig who built an unwavering brick house and ate a wolf stew!
And you too can be … One stone at a time.

This may mean that you are changing the choices of your friends.

Your birds you swarm with can be either bird-brains, prison birds, chickens, pigeons or eagles … so choose wisely …
Learning to love is learning to give. If you like it, it’s good to show your favor. It will return on every wave …

I have met many people in my life with so much favor that it seemed unreal to me. I will call a woman Yol. It was a privilege to be in her presence for the few years I knew her. We left as a witness, as I often saw that Yol was offered free things, including money. To continue, she often found hundreds of dollars on the road. We went to restaurants and got free food. She even met celebrities. I asked her about it and she told me that this had happened to her for a very long time and when it did not happen, she thought something was wrong.

Guess what it did to me. Do you prefer my friend is fantastic!


It is called the survival of the strongest for a reason. Most surviving species have evolved over time and become adaptable.

Get to know who you are and go from corrections to perfection. Become the best you can be.

You are your own scale of 1-10 (each part of you)

Face Facts Man looks at the exterior and people read you daily as a CV from head to toe!
We live in a materialistic world and presentation is essential. The saying, they will like me as I am, does not apply in any case; especially if your personal scale rating is low. If you rate yourself as 1, 2, 3, your ratings will also be displayed by other users and you may be rejected!

Celebrators are open doors to other celebrators. But misery is no joke. Ask yourself critically every day where I’m on me

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