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Objective-Resume Objective Resume

Objective Resume

What you need to know about resume goals

Resume goals have become one of the most frequently discussed topics related to resume writing.

Why? We believe that this is because they are becoming a thing of the past and that companies hiring people are looking for more from this area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir CV.

Many people include information in their CV that is already known to the person reading the CV. You’ve probably seen (or maybe even used) some of these standard sentences for repetitive CVs:

I’m looking for a job in (profession) that gives me the chance to grow with the company.

Interested in a career in (occupation), which gives me a chance to grow.

To find a position that allows me to use my skills and experience to improve the company’s bottom line.

Look at those sentences that are not very impressive after reading, right?

Your resume reader already knows that you are looking for a job and want to use your skills and experience. For that they hire you. The resume reader also wants you to grow with the company, otherwise he would make a bad decision to hire you at all. Your job, if hired, is hopefully (for the company) to increase the bottom line and do it for a long time!

Here are some tips for the CV:

1. Review your CV and make sure you really have an outstanding CV goal that will leave your readers with a strong first impression. Make sure they do not say anything they already know. If your CV is not where it should be, read our next tip!

2. One of the biggest CV tips we can offer is that you take a slightly different approach and use a summary of qualifications instead. Why? Because a qualification overview is a three-part paragraph that describes your skills and experience and leaves a very strong first impression!

Compare the two with a goal I received from one of my clients in his previous CV:

Basic goal of the CV:

Goal: To gain a position in sales that gives me the opportunity to leverage my experience and grow with the company.

Summary of qualifications:

Qualification Summary: Over ten years experience in sales, marketing and management. Knowledge in facilitating call center operations, employee development and team building, as well as analyzing market trends and sales forecasts. Dominates multiple database software programs, MS Office software products, and inventory management programs.

Wow! What a difference. Can you see how the summary of qualifications creates a strong first impression and enriches the reader with excellent information about the person in the CV, not just empty words?

The formula is very simple.

1. Build a sentence with years of experience and combine it with two or three categories that make you feel good.

2. Add a second sentence that offers two or three more specific skills that you are familiar with.

3. Finally, list some of the technical skills you have acquired with regard to using computers or software.

That’s it. Powerful and effective.

So use a summary of the qualifications to transform your resume and place it at the top of the stack!

I wish you every success in your job search!

Scott has been writing resumes for 20 years and has now created my-easy-resume.com. To find out more about how to create a summary of qualifications, visit his free CV Help Center

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