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Newsletter Articles For Company

Before considering any newsletter content or newsletter writing service, you should review your own authorship for a wellness or company newsletter. This task is about coordination and organization as well as a “system”.

Here are the 12 topics that I consider the most valuable. Take each of these 12 topics and brainstorm with your staff to create subtopics for each topic. Then take the words, such as, what, when, why, who, and where, and apply those words to the subtopics under each heading.

Improvement of employee relations

Work productivity tips at the workplace

Work-life balance, family support, home and home improvement and community improvement, social responsibility

Improvement of personal fitness, nutrition and well-being

Mental health and spiritual wellbeing (spiritual is not religious)

team building

How to get help now (insert information at the end of the article)

Hot work-life topics in the news (seasonal depression, back to school, etc.)

Tips for coping with stress

Improving the relationship with your supervisor; to have a career

Occupational safety, injury prevention and recovery

Improve customer service and improve business relationships

If you consider these categories, you can further develop the subtopics you have created to create article content for your newsletter. One of my favorite sources is I often write articles for companies by relying on this resource. It also contains articles that have been found at universities and communities.

When you produce your newsletter articles, you never begin to phrase “Did you ever wonder …”. Instead, jump into your article and make a splash. Use words that trigger emotions. The word “Splash” is a good example. Here is a good example of writing articles.

First – how not to write:

“Have you ever wondered how you can get a sunburn in the water while swimming on a cloudy day?”


If you splash in the water this summer, you can expect sunburn even in cloudy weather if you do not wear a SPF 16 or better. The…

See how fast this article starts?

Make sure your newsletter does not disturb the administration. Avoid topics that encourage employees to leave the company, ask for salary increases, or review topics that are political, religious, or controversial. You are not a newspaper and you are not required to be fair and balanced like a reporter.

The truth is that your newsletter is a productivity productivity tool for businesses. It is not an entertainment device, although the staff perceive it as an advantage. In this regard, make sure that your articles in each issue increase enterprise value, reduce risk and, to a lesser extent, boost productivity. The management will take a close look.

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