Marketing Plan Example

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Marketing-Plan-Example Marketing Plan Example


Marketing Plan Example

Everyone knows today how important marketing is for the success of a company. As important as it is, marketing is not an easy task that can face every day and be successful. There is a great risk that the company will be in worse shape than expected due to poor marketing strategy. For that reason, a good plan is required before marketing your business. Below is an example of a marketing plan. It’s just an overview of the essential parts of the plan.

The target population

Identify who the marketing plan is for as a potential customer. Describe in detail the age and preferences of this audience. At this stage, you need to capture all the product usage trend data for the target audience so you know exactly what their needs are.

The marketing message

This depends on the type of target group. Once you understand their needs and their ages, you should consider these points to determine what message they will effectively effect. The language will differ with age, culture and time. Basically, the marketing message should be memorable and attention-grabbing. Keep it short, straight to the point and as interesting as you can do it. A good example would be “Win a free phone every time you buy …”.

marketing strategy

This is the most important part of the marketing plan. Here you mark the media with which you communicate your marketing message. You need to keep an eye on your target audience at this stage, as different media would be appropriate for different populations. You also need to find out what benefits you will offer your potential customers. Marketing is about telling customers how they benefit from the product to convince them that the product in question is the best one.

Implementation and follow-up

This is the last and very important stage. You will make a plan how to implement the marketing strategies you have developed. This is a plan on how to roll out the plan to the end. You then need to track each phase of the marketing plan to evaluate the results of how the number of sales has changed. That way, you can see what needs to be improved and how.

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