Interpretation Examples of the Metaphors

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Interpretation-Examples-of-the-Metaphors Interpretation Examples of the Metaphors



Interpretation Examples of the Metaphors

After hearing about a friend about this movie, I thought it sounds similar to a number of other movies released in recent years. The movies Push and Jumper came to my mind.

Now that I’ve seen the movie, I think it’s a metaphor for intention and how intention shapes life. It’s also about abuse and the consequences that abuse can have. It also shows that in order to have power, you also have to exercise responsibility. And maybe it shows what human potential is; though in exaggerated form.

These psychological aspects and metaphors of the film are my personal view and are based on my own interpretation of what these metaphors and psychological aspects are and what meaning they have. They are in no way the right or only interpretation, they are just my view

This means that I miss certain parts and only describe what stood out for me and what I thought was significant. There will also be parts that I do not understand, and that will be one of the reasons why it was not mentioned. This will also mean that it will not be like a storyboard and that I will not describe the whole story.

So let’s start with the exclusion of any kind.

The camera

The film begins with Andrew (Dane DeHaan) filming his daily experiences. This gives the film a low-budget impression, at least at first glance. As soon as he is back home, we will soon get the first insight into his family life.

His mother is ill and his father (Michael Kelly) also suffers from his own health condition. This must put an incredible pressure on Andrew. His level of responsibility should also be much higher than is appropriate for his age.

The first character

Soon after sitting down at his desk; His father comes in. He complains that the door is locked and that he should not do it again. It does not take long for his father to come to him and beat him from his chair.

This is a clear example of physical abuse and probably something he has had to deal with for many years. And because his father is much stronger, he can do very little.

Because his father is sick and incapacitated, he is incredibly frustrated and angry with his life. And instead of dealing with this pain and dealing with it, he takes it away from his son. His son is weaker than he and therefore can not defend himself.

Andrew is also isolated and does not have the support of his mother. She probably is not aware of what’s going on. This may be because she is too ill to notice, or that she is in denial and does not want to notice. There is a term called Enabler. This person is not violent in himself, but just as dangerous because of her passivity. They observe what happens and know what happens, but they have decided to do nothing. Therefore, they offer little support to the abused person.

Find the cave

Steve (Michael B. Jordan), Andrew (Dane DeHaan) and Matt (Alex Russell) find the cave. Shortly after they are inside, they see a bright light. It is a strangely shaped object that pulsates with light.

After a short while, the camera turns off and the screen goes dark.

This light could be a metaphor for true nature or the true self. It made them gain real strength and strength. What they knew about themselves and what was possible came to an end. The power is exaggerated to achieve greater impact and attract people’s attention.

If the power was the ability to control a person’s thoughts and feelings, or to connect his mind, body, and heart, it would probably not be very spectacular to observe. It would also be difficult to express this in the film. because it is a process that is more internal than external.

play ball

Each of them can now move objects with the power of his mind.

This must be an incredible experience; to have such power. Of the three main characters, Andrew is the one we know most about. We know that his family life is not very supportive or functional and that he feels powerless from his father.

Having experienced so little power, it must be a real shock to him. The problem is that his power relation is unlikely to work or be balanced after being exposed to a disrupted power for so long.

In the water

As they drive, Andrew’s mind gets out of control and he finally drives off the road in a car. Fortunately, the man who drove the vehicle is soon rescued and survived.

After all the abuse Andrew has received from his father, it’s no surprise he’s angry. This anger shows that his limits are being exceeded. Around his father, he has to suppress his feelings and do what his father says. And now the outside world is directly affected by these suppressed emotions.

And Andrew’s lack of emotional intelligence and awareness can only cause him problems.

We see that the problem is not that Andrew has more power; it is that his intentions are not always constructive. His intentions are a consequence of the abuse he has experienced and the anger that has generated this in him. He carries a lot of pain and trauma and this creates destructive intentions.

In this example, we see that his emotional state has a massive impact on his environment. Expressed in such extreme terms, it seems difficult to relate to, but there are many examples of how our emotions affect our reality.

Fly in the air

The next force they have is the ability to fly. For Andrew, it could be like going from one extreme to the other. He now has more freedom and power than he could ever have imagined.

School Talent Show

They do not seem to be the school’s popular students, so there are no high expectations for their performance.

With their newly found ability, they quickly attract the attention of the audience.

Here we see how the other students behave differently towards them. And of course, that’s because they now have these incredible abilities and behave differently now. In the real world, it is clear that people do not (or?) Have such abilities, but it is possible to change their behavior. And that will cause others to treat you differently.

Confrontation with his father

His father begins to wonder how his son comes to school. Andrew says he’s being picked up and his father refuses what he says. He seems to believe that his son is no longer at school. He also says Andrew has no friends and nobody likes him.

The usual pattern of violence begins, but the reaction is different this time and the pattern is different.

Andrew is much stronger now; both mentally and physically. The roles have changed and Andrew is now the culprit. For many years he has had to deny and suppress how he felt and now he has the ability to express it. It’s not surprising that Andrew explodes.

And by rejecting his father and his constant abuse, he does not feel accepted or attached to his father. This is also the perception that Andrew has from the outside world. Because he does not feel he belongs in his house, he does not feel that he belongs in the world.

Death of Steve

Andrew and Steve fly back into the clouds and it happens when it storms and Steve gets struck by lightning.

This could be considered a warning. They have been given great power, and if they have such power, they must bear the same responsibility.

The power affected each one of them in different ways. Andrew was overwhelmed and that led to careless behavior. Matt (Alex Russell), on the other hand, was more reserved and critical about using his new power.

I believe that this power is a metaphor for how the intention defines whether something is good or bad. The powers they have gained are neither good nor bad; They are neutral.

What has influenced their behavior is not just power; It is the psychological disposition these individuals had before they gained power.

We do not know much about Matt’s education; All we have to do is act against Andrew and Steve. You could call him a sensible person, his temperament is fairly balanced, and he seems reasonably even. And that’s why Matt can use those powers with restraint.

Andrew is very different on the other side. He seems understandably awkward and unbalanced. Everything that Andrew has felt for so long is now being expressed. It’s not that this force turns Andrew into something else; it only enlarges what is already there.

Andrew loses control

Andrew’s mission is to take revenge on the people who exploited him, and he also steals money at a gas station.

He now uses power as he was trained to combine power. This is to take advantage and control another. He has no idea how to use his power functionally. He still has the perception of a child; When a child is powerless and the child is powerless, it can not take responsibility. Of course this leads to carelessness.

For so long, he has been victimized and exploited by his father and other people. And now he does not have to put up with this behavior anymore.

The wounded inner child has now consumed and taken over him. Before that, he had to oppress and deny this side. For the people who know him, he seems to have completely changed now. In fact, only his true feelings are revealed.

And because he does not feel that he belongs in this world from his father; He sees people as opposition and as antagonists. This makes it easy for him to cross the boundaries of other people. But this is only possible because he himself was never allowed to develop functional limits.

Andrew has completely identified with his inner child or previous trauma and has lost the ability to be conscious and observant.

But it is highly unlikely that he ever talked about his experiences with his father. This could be out of fear of what others say or what his father would do to him. If he had received the support of another; Someone who could validate and acknowledge what happened to him, and above all, stop his father’s abusive behavior, might have developed differently

hospital bed

While Andrew is lying in the hospital bed, his father is soon there to visit him. Although he seems sorry to see what happened, we find that it has nothing to do with his son. And that he is upset for selfish reasons and mad at what Andrew has enforced.

This shows the narcissistic nature of his father and that his father has not developed enough to think of another. This triggers Andrews’ pain and he throws his father out the window. Perhaps this is an exaggerated example of what those abused want to do to their abusers.

Matt returns

Matt soon suspects what Andrew did and rushes back to stop him. This can hardly stop the event.

Andrew causes endless destruction and Matt makes the decision to end his life.

This could be seen as a metaphor for good versus evil; with Andrew, who is obsessed with evil, and Matt, who is the savior.

The question is, was Andrew angry or was he just growing up in an environment that did not work? That does not mean that Andrew was not responsible for his actions.


After experiencing so much destruction, Matt decides to go to Tibet and fulfill Andrew’s dream of meeting the enlightened monks.

These monks had to develop their skills for years. These three people did not have that time. Their ability just happened and they did not have the time to understand and respect what they had.


Films often show things metaphorically or symbolically. And these films then assume the identity of being classified as science fiction.

This type of film also makes it possible to filter certain messages and views into the collective consciousness. Trigger for even more intrigue and fascination for these topics. Are they completely fictitious or is there an element of truth in them?

In any case, by recognizing such possibilities, questions are asked and answers sought. The imagination is also inspired by watching science fiction and this can only be good for your own creativity. It is said that creativity allows one to be an individual. as it is unique for this person.

This film also shows us that power in itself is not bad or dangerous. What makes the difference is the mind of the person who uses it, and what their intent is. We also see the importance of being responsible in dealing with energy. And when we realize that everything we do has a consequence.

When we see the world through the eyes of a child, we will not believe that we have any power and therefore we can not take responsibility. Our mind will then perceive life as something that is happening right now, and will not notice that it has an impact

Abuse is shown enlarged. For example, if Andrew had no such power, he would not have been able to cause such destruction. The movie could not have been so entertaining either. He could have gone many ways; This can be self-harm, suicide, depression, social isolation or crime. Or he could change his life and be a role model for others. And through his actions and behavior, he could be a role model for others in similar positions.

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