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Internet Presence Resume Writing

Your ability to write a resume and personal presence on the web are critical to reducing the time you spend on a career opportunity. Some say it takes an average of 1 month for every $ 10,000 of annual income you earn to find your next job when you’re out of work. I am not sure I agree with the correlation, but I agree that it can take longer for you to get the next assignment. For some executives, it can take longer than they can financially endure to wait.

What’s worse is to a degree setting is also somewhat seasonal. It will probably not shock anyone to learn that summer is usually the slowest hiring season of the year. This can be extremely difficult for the morale of a jobseeker – especially if they are unaware of the seasonality associated with the job. If you do not use the next opportunity in the summer months, this does not necessarily have anything to do with your employability.

A better question is: how can I shorten the time I need to find a job?

Are you (or do you know) someone in a situation where you need or want to do a proactive job search campaign?

Whatever your reasons, your need or your desire to do a proactive job search, performing a proactive job search can be one of the most frustrating challenges for everyone at every level and at every stage of their careers. Why? Because the result often depends on the timing and has nothing to do with how competitive you are. However, increasing your marketability and opportunity justifies your ability to be in the right place at the right time to make the next career move.

With the right strategy and approach, you can not only increase the risk of more opportunities, but also increase the risk of better opportunities.

It’s not complicated, but it can be a lot of hard work and it’s important that you have access to the right tools to get the job done.

When you start a proactive job search campaign, you must first realize that everything starts with your resume writing skills when you are outside of your direct friends and family business contact network.

Most executives fall into the trap of neglecting the importance of making the best possible CV by saying, “I’d best share my value and the substance of my career in an interview.”

If your resume is not accurate enough to accurately formulate your unique differentiated career value promise, quantify the extent and extent of your responsibility and the business impact that your efforts have elicited on each and every one of them, the position that you have in your career is dead, before you even start. You’ll just get lost in the pile of CVs that end up in electronic or physical wastebaskets without a second thought – let alone an interview.

You really need to understand the quality, content and format of your resume (especially for a leader) to reflect your skills and focus.

Managers get a measurable amount and a measurable level of responsibility, and they are paid to achieve measurable business impact. Nobody is paid to simply make effort.

It is amazing how many executive CVs do not formulate this measurable information. Most CVs contain nothing but unquantized expense statements that raise the question, “That’s nice, what has made that effort measurable in business?”

Do not fall into the trap of writing bad resumes that do not describe your measurable scale and scope of responsibility and the measurable business impact you’ve achieved on your resume.

Also, seriously consider giving up the traditional 1-2-page CV format. If you confine yourself to a traditional 1-2-page resume format, this is the equivalent of job search suicide. Instead, focus on providing enough physical space to adequately differentiate your career. Why? Because if you try to put your career value promise into a 1-2-page resume, you run the risk of getting lost in a sea of ​​1-2-sided vanilla resumes.

Some may think this is a heresy, but it’s just common sense.

If you try to differentiate yourself, having a resume that looks like everyone else’s is probably not a good idea.

Do you want to see what everyone else looks like? Just look at the AFTER “Samples” that announce E-Resume (examples), Career Resumes (examples), and even Monster’s Resume Center (examples) as massively differentiating “stellar” volumes to see how -EVERYBODY- looking at them are limited to these 1-2-page criteria.

If your goal is to adapt and look like EVERYONE else – and, as a result, compete directly in today’s job market, be sure to follow their advice. If you would like to change the game in your favor and receive interviews that others do not receive with the same vanilla resume, then do not follow their advice. Just ask yourself if you want to work for someone who believes the resume is a valid recruitment criterion and make your own decision.

Be very careful when responding to the “your resume is too long” feedback. Why? Because the only person you should listen to over the course of your resume is a person who can actually benefit from hiring you. Any other feedback comes from someone who does not need to hire you and therefore can not benefit from the information that is actually in your resume (ie the feedback is completely out of context).

Do not put your success in the hands of a “professional resume writer.” Why? Just ask, who knows better what your professional achievements are – you or someone else who has not even approached your career? Would you leave your professional duties to your secretary? Of course not. Why, then, consider considering the ability of another person to write CVs by giving someone the opportunity to present / articulate their career success and value proposition by letting them write their CV?

Curriculum Vitae – If you do not hire a job on time, there are two reasons:

1. Your career does not match the roles you are exposed to.

2. Your resume does not fit well with the roles you are exposed to.

Are you ready to bet that your career does not fit well? Are you ready to bet that your resume can not be improved?

The only thing between you and the ability to write a crisp resume that sets your career value promise is access to the right tools.

Where can you identify the tools and techniques?

I wrote an article about 3 years ago entitled: Doing a Job Search Campaign This is a pretty good start. There are many things that a jobseeker can do to increase coverage and job opportunities.

Carrying out a job search campaign will provide job-hunting tips on topics such as resume writing, recruiting, and building a personal website so you can actually be found on Google, and more.

After writing the best possible CV, the challenge shifts to your personal Internet presence. In other words, can you be found when someone searches for your name in Google? Do you have an internet presence? Execunet interviewed their recruiters and found that 63% of them are Google candidates before contacting them. Half of respondents decide whether to turn to a candidate or not. The easiest way to create an Internet presence is to join an online network platform that not only allows you to create a profile, but also to create other content such as blogs and articles. A high-traffic, high-traffic networking site usually has a high rank in search engines. LinkedIn is a page with a lot of traffic, but all content is static. Ecademy is a website with a lot of traffic, but most of the content changes due to the total blog and article traffic that members publish. Therefore, a member profile on Ecademy is usually much higher than a corresponding member profile on LinkedIn when searching for the member’s name in Google.

Any content you create on an online network site that combines appropriate traffic with ever-changing content creates a sort of preferred ranking scenario on search engines that you can use to build a personal Internet presence to your advantage.

With a search engine friendly network platform, you can quickly create a visible web presence. Combine this with other blog and article publishing activities and you’re ready to be found by a recruiter.

So take control of the result by doing your job search proactively.

Have fun networking.


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