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Examples-Headline-For-Article-Writing Examples Headline For Article Writing

Examples Headline For Article Writing

Successfully writing articles requires more than basic writing skills. Each part of the article serves an important purpose. The author needs to know how to create a descriptive headline, introduction, text, and conclusion. Of all the parts, it’s the heading that the reader normally sees first. To mislead readers into reading the article, the author of the article must ensure that the headline is eye-catching and interesting.

An ideal headline only has to consist of a few words, because the elaboration must appear in the body. The question is how to create a headline in just a few words while making it attractive to potential readers. Here are some important tips that every article writer needs to know:

Use the keywords in the title
Using the keywords in the title makes the article more searchable. Since the keywords appear in the title, the reader has an overview of exactly the topic that is covered in the article. If the title is Resorts 360, the article author may use “What you can expect from Resort 360 membership.”

Games with words
Do not limit the writing of headlines with formal words. Have fun with it. Some writers are inspired by popular songs or poetry titles and add them to the keyword. For example, the Da Vinci Code: reading or not reading. This was inspired by a famous literary piece, being or not.

Try numbers
Numbers can be used to quantify the ideas presented in the article. For example, you can create an article with a number of X tips. In this way, the readers know immediately what the article writing process provides for them. For example “5 effective ways to get your ex back”.

How to make headlines
How-to headlines also attract more attention from the reader. This is because these articles usually contain instructions to the reader on how to do something. There are many readers who rely on the internet to know exactly how to perform a specific task. Examples of headlines are “How To Make Soap At Home” or “How To Make Beer”.

advantage and disadvantage
Another way to grab the attention of readers who only look at the headlines of different articles is to show them the pros and cons of the topic being discussed. For example, the article writer could insert “The Benefits of Green Tea” or “The Bad Effects of Coke”.

Make the headline as interesting as possible. Choose the right words and express the right thought. The headline serves as an invitation to your readers. You invite them to look at the article themselves.

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