Example of Article Writing

Example-of-Article-Writing Example of Article Writing


Example of Article Writing

Have you written brilliant articles for your website and received no action from them? Nobody clicks and visits your website. Nobody clicks and looks at your blog! This is a common problem for many website owners and managers. A perfectly constructed article may only have one ingredient missing, and that is the cause of the readers’ poor feedback. This one ingredient is a “call to action”. A call to action tells the reader what to do next.

The first priority of any article is to be accessible to web surfers. You can not tell a reader what to do next if they have not read your article. Include keywords and phrases in your article to improve search engine optimization. As you increase your search engine optimization, your articles will be placed higher on the search engine results pages, giving you the opportunity to be seen by many more visitors.

On SERPs, readers will first come across your article. Once they open your article and start reading; Now you have her where you want her. The key is to bring the reader to your conclusion where your call to action waits. If your article is interesting and informative, it will probably be read to the end. The easiest way is to create your article in plain language and with short paragraphs. So your message stays clear and understandable.

The goal is to include new information or a view that is not shown too often. Keeping up with your industry means you should be able to constantly find new information. Your reader searches online for answers to a specific question. You should be able to answer this question in your article. Stay with the point and inform, inform, inform.

After a brief summary of your conclusion, add a short call to action. Tell them what to do next and where to do it – of course on your website. A call to action is a tasteful way to encourage your readers to take the next step after completing your article. This encouragement will dramatically increase traffic to your site. Here you will also find a backlink with which you can forward your readers to your website. Your call to action will tell your readers what to do next, and your backlink will give you the opportunity to execute your command.

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