Example Of Article Marketing Success

Example-Of-Article-Marketing-Success Example Of Article Marketing Success


Example Of Article Marketing Success

Your article marketing success depends immensely on the strength of your title. Their headlines tempt a reader to read your article, and tell publishers and readers what your article is about.

Do you want your items to be viewed, saved, re-published and shared?

Follow these 12 tips to create outstanding titles:

1 – First create your title and then write your article.

Often the title of the article is left behind because it is an afterthought. Spend a lot of time creating an effective title for the front end, and then use your title to control the content of your article.

2 – Use Website “Title Suggestion Tool” to create a meaningful title with lots of keywords.

3 – “How To” titles are very popular.

Why? People searching for information online are looking for solutions. They are looking for practical information that makes their lives easier.

Write an article that instructs a reader to complete a specific task in your niche.

4 – Take a few minutes to do the keyword research before you begin brainstorming headlines. By creating your title using phrases that are commonly used in online searches, you help readers find your article.

5 – Write an article with “steps” or a numbered list and make sure your title indicates that your article contains these types of features. For example, this article you are reading now contains a numbered list, and the title reflects this. Here are some other ideas:

10 funny facts about beekeeping

15 Energy Saving Tips Every Child Should Know

6 – Your headline should specify what your article is about.

A too long and confusing title is disliking for the reader, while too short a title does not provide enough information to tell the reader what the article is about.

For example:

Too short title: cars

Better Title: How to Find a Safe and Affordable Family-Friendly Car

7 – Engage your reader by asking a question in your title.

Often readers look for information online because they have questions they need to answer. Your job as a writer is to create content that answers these questions.

Why not put the reader’s question right into the title?


Homeschooling: Is It Better To Teach Your Children At Home?

How do you find the best online article submission services?

Do you want to complete a business for your next house? Look for a fixer upper

8 – Establish a personal connection with your reader.

A very simple way to make a personal connection is to use “you” and “your” in your title.

For example:

Are you dumb to run website marketing?

Does your child gain self-confidence at school?

Another technique for making a personal connection appeals to your reader’s emotions. The two title examples above use “you” and “your” and also address emotions that your reader can identify with.

9 – Tell how the reader will benefit from reading the article.

For example:

10 tips to help new graduates effortlessly enter the world of work

What would the reader expect from this article? The audience reader (someone who has just graduated) would get tips for a painless entry into the workplace.

10- Name the specific problem you solve in the article.


Habituation of your dog to your newborn

Find out how much you need to spend on Christmas gifts for your kids

11 – Identify your target reader in your title. For example:

Local Entrepreneurs: How Article Marketing Can Help You?

New mothers: Do you need time-saving recipes?

12 – Some formatting tips for titles:

* Do not finish your title with a dot.

* Do not use excessive punctuation, eg. For example, more than one exclamation point.

Her homework:

For each of the above techniques, try to create at least one article heading specific to your niche.

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