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Before Buying Article Software

One of the key search engine optimization strategies you can implement is to write articles and send them to thousands of article directories so that users can use them on their websites. If you have not tried it, it can be a long and painful experience to submit to thousands of article directories. One of the most useful tools for publishing your articles is the article delivery software. However, be forewarned that not all article delivery software is the same.

There are, in fact, five key points to consider before investing hundreds of dollars in Article Submission Software. The five core questions to be considered are as follows:

Option 1 to add new directories to your software

2. Possibility of independent registration for each article directory

3. Must have the ability to submit to a set of at least five categories

4. The ability to submit articles automatically

5. Ability to prevent submission if there are no categories

I am sure you are aware of the dynamic changes in the Internet and the constant change, and in the world of article directories this is absolute.

The first issue where you need to make sure your new article directory software is able to add new article directories to your list of delivery sites. Often the article submission software comes with preset lists of article directories. For example, 300 article directories are programmed into the software. The problem with this is that over a period of months you will find that the functionality of these article directories will change.

For example, when I started using article delivery software, the tool I used had about 300 article directories. After 2 months with this software, over 60 of these directories became inoperative. This meant that the utility of the software became less and less over time.

Some of the other issues you’ll notice are that some article directories do not regularly approve items, or they may approve only a limited number of items per month. If you are a regular author, you may find that your articles are not approved. Unapproved items cost money, so the software may state that 300 items are being submitted. In fact, only 40 directories approve your article in the first week and less and less over time. The more article directories you submit, the more likely they are to appear in directories and used by users on their own websites.

In the article directory world there are about three or four article directory machines and each has its own problems. Your article submission software must be able to work with all article directory types, and an important aspect is to have a unique login for each article directory. The reason you need this is that some sites use a common sign-in system instead of your email address, which is unique. For example, the article dashboard directory engine uses your e-mail address as a login, which as such must be unique on the Internet. Other article directory engines use a login that you need to create. When registering for these article directories, you may find that your login is already in use. Therefore, you will need an alternate login for this directory. As such, it is better to provide each article directory with its own login in the article submission tool.

Each article submission software system must be able to select five categories in which to submit an article. One of the things that my team and I have found when examining the thousands of article directories on the Internet is that no two article directories have the same list of categories where you can submit your articles. For this reason, you need to purchase article submission software that allows you to select up to five categories to give you the best chance of finding a category automatically.

The next edition is an extension of the previous paragraph. That is, the software must skip the article submission process if it can not select or find an appropriate category. The quickest way to be excluded from article directories is to submit your articles in the wrong categories. It’s better not to submit your article in the article directory than to submit it in the wrong category.

The last and last problem your article submission software should have is to be able to submit your articles automatically. If you can not automatically submit your articles, you will find that the process of submitting articles will be painful and lengthy. What I’ve noticed in the past is that if you do not submit your articles automatically, you’ll discover after a while that your passion and desire to write articles is simply because of the time it takes to submit them to let up.

If you buy Article Submission Software, use it wisely. One of the big mistakes that I see in people who buy this software is that they submit the same article four or five times to the article directory over a period of a few months. Let me be dull – DO NOT DO IT – YOU WILL BE FORBIDDEN. You should only use this software ONCE once to submit your items! Item directory owners do not tolerate spamming their article directories, and in reality, it does not help you. The secret of article directories and their use in your SEO strategy is to write regularly.

You will find that the more you write, the easier it will be. However, if you write an article and resubmit it, or just change the headline or a few words, article directory owners will take this into account and you may find that you are suspended. If you’ve ever accidentally submitted your item multiple times, make sure you visit each website and delete the additional posts. Again, article directory owners have a bad view of people sending their directories as spam. DO NOT DO IT.

Article submission software can save a tremendous amount of time but must be used wisely and ethically in the SEO process. If you do not become an ethical writer, you will be banned from the article directories and have no recourse.

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