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Article Title Templates

Do your article titles attract readers to read? If you had ten items on the same topic in a list, would you choose to read? May I be honest If your title does not compete and attracts the attention of potential readers, it will not be clicked.

This happens every time your article appears in the cyberworld to announce or teach your message. At the end, a list of other articles on your topic waiting to be clicked will be displayed. The dungeon-title articles wait without clicks, and the crackling titles that attract attention are clicked over and over.

Here are five title templates and tips to help ensure that your articles are among the articles that are clicked and read.

1. The power of the three

The power of three cements your article and title in the minds of your potential readers. Items like “No Honor, No Guts, No Glory” or “Shake, Rattle and Roll” offer a power punch in groups of three. Combine the power of three with the alliteration to make it even more powerful. For example, these articles use the power of three: “More passion, purpose, and strength,” or “Nothing like Monday morning mindfulness.”

Title templates:

– 7 ways to be mindful on Monday morning

– 9 tips for life for God with passion, power and purpose

– How to get your sales team to shake, rattle and roll!

2. Use the rhythm of the rhyme

Most people love rhymes in every way. Ask a successful rapper. They sing and sell their rhymes to millions. The rhythmic sound of rhymes creates a synergy that arrives at your article readers. Use this article template to bring the rhyme closer to your readers.

Title templates:

– 7 tips to write a self-help book that sells well.

– 5 easy ways to earn money and get rich in a niche

– How to rhyme your article to entertain every time

3. Attract readers with alliteration.

One of the main reasons people read someday is to be entertained. So, entertain your readers; Use alliteration and attract more readers. In alliteration, words beginning with the same letters are used one after the other. Alliteration also occurs when titles contain parallel constructions or repeated consonants as used in the title.

Title templates:

– How to be a great communicator on paper and on the podium! ”

– Create a new look that’s simple, sexy and cute

– Create a life full of passion, power and purpose

4. The power words like “how”, “secret”, “power”, “proven”.

Learn to use magnetic power words such as fast, revealing, technique, more for less, free, easy and more. People love to learn with easy steps and fast. Combine it with a powerful advantage and you will enchant your reader every time. You decide. “How to write and publish your own eBook in less than 7 days” or “7 ways to create an e-book” of interest?

Title templates:

– To write and publish your own eBook in less than 7 days ”

– How to get more traffic with Celebrity Artist’s proven techniques

– 10 insider secrets for fast growth of your business!

5. Present the solution.

Does your article solve a problem? Design your title so that the question is answered and not just a question asked. For example “vitamins?” or “Vitamin: the essential link to health.” Prefer a positive language over a negative one. Yes, the author has discussed various techniques to get your potential reader’s attention, including the article with the negative bias. Still use good taste if you want. Apply the negative sparingly. For example, you do not want to label an article with a negative statement such as “You die prematurely without practice.” Instead, use “Exercise: The Essential Link to Long Life.”

Title templates:

– Vitamin: The essential connection to a victorious life

– Consistent exercise: the proven connection to long life

– Of course, lose weight: only eat if you want

Without writing a convincing article that draws attention, uses the power of the three, the rhythm of the rhyme, the alliteration, the power word and the solution title. Start using these title templates today. Access the interest of your readers and read your article. Best wishes for your success.

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