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An Overview Of Ooma Telo Voice Over IP

How much are you paying each month for your landline telephone service? If you’ve been paying the monthly bill without really thinking about it, then there’s a good chance you’re putting your hard-earned money to waste. An increasing number of home and business owners now use an internet-based landline replacement service. Also called voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, this service can be just what you need to bring down your monthly telephone expenses. And when it comes to selecting a reputable provider, you should look no further than Ooma Telo VoIP.

If you’ve already done your research, then you probably know that the most popular VoIP service providers offer basically the same services. You get basic phone features and good call quality without spending a boatload of money each month. But Ooma Telo works a little bit differently. You only have to shell out money upfront for their table-top adapter. There are no monthly fees, which can amount to a lot of cost savings on your end.

ooma telo voip phoneThere’s one thing lingering in your head right now, and that’s probably trying to find the catch for using this service. There’s actually one, albeit very minor. Ooma Telo doesn’t charge a monthly fee for their VoIP service, but you still have to pay a few bucks each month for taxes. Now, this amount is comparatively lower compared to what you have to spend on internet-based telephone from other service providers. At the end of the day, you can still save more money in your pocket.

Just like most VoIP services, Ooma Telo offers free calls anywhere in the United States. Their rates for international calls are also low, which can prove beneficial if you find yourself making plenty of calls overseas to keep in touch with friends and relatives. You can also get a Premier account with costs $9.99 each month. This will give you access to additional features not available in standard plans.

Ooma Telo also takes pride in how easy-to-use their system is. The Telo adapter comes with a manual that guides you through the installation process. The first thing to do is register for an account. Afterward, you simply have to connect the adapter to your landline telephone and router. This essentially routes your calls over the internet. With Ooma’s PureVoice technology, you don’t have to ever worry about dropped or low quality calls.

There’s also an Ooma mobile app that allows you to enjoy free outbound calls. Other basic services include 911 service, caller ID, call waiting and voicemail. You can even try Ooma Premier for 60 days without any risks. This allows you to see whether the additional features are useful to you and decide later on if you want to keep the Premier account.

Ooma Telo VoIP proves to be among the best on the market. It comes with all the basic features you want in a VoIP service without the hassle of paying heft monthly fees. Be sure to visit the official website to learn more about their product or read more about voip here.

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