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A Cut To The Chase Review Of Ooma Phone Service

What are your most current options available for home phone service? The type of services you get have changed, but landline service via Ooma Telo or another company is still possible. It is just powered via your Internet connection, and the device is supposed to be modern. It looks modern, but one noticeable flaw in my opinion is that it hooks up to a router.

While that is fine and not a huge negative mark, it makes one have questions. This is the wireless age, so does Ooma offer wireless capability? That’s not referring to a mobile phone, a general receiver or a headset with Bluetooth capabilities. It is referring to the device itself, while stationary, still accessing the Internet in hardwired fashion. That does have its benefits, but at the same time there is that wire.

What You Should Know About Ooma Telephone System

What else is important about Ooma telo VoIP home phone service? It is important to look at all sides of a company and the services they offer. When it comes to Ooma as a choice for residential home phone service, you have the simple fact that all things considered, the device or ‘telo’ is said to be affordable. Additionally, the service itself is affordable because well, there is no monthly phone service fee.

While that is a big draw, there are comparable companies on that point. So, what else makes these kind of services attractive? It is supposed to be better then certain other home phone options at least. For example, cable phone is not supposed to be as good when it comes to connection and quality of sound as well as price. But then you again have other companies that offer comparable products and free service as well.

ooma the smartphone for your home ideasCons and Pros Of Free Home Phone Service

What are the cons? One of them is that you still have to pay phone taxes monthly. Doesn’t that remind you of the old Southwestern Bell phone bills that came in the mail? Until many cellphone companies went with built in taxes for their plan offerings, they too had all kinds of taxes and fees. It wouldn’t seem that would be the norm these days though, and since it is for Ooma, despite the actual service being free, you want to make further comparisons. How much are the taxes and fees? What do other companies charge? Do you have to pay extra for long distance calls?

Another benefit of choosing Ooma for home telephone service is that you can port the number you have already. That is expected perhaps but worth mentioning in a short but comprehensive review of Ooma and the phone service the company offers. You’re also supposed to not just get better sound quality but HD sound quality.

It is interesting to note that the device is said tk be affordable as mentioned but that’s not using the word cheap. There is a difference. Price the device, and then see if the phone service stacks up to your expectations according to this review and others you might have read.

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