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The Ooma Linx VoIP Device – Is It For You?

Many years ago people that had friends living in other states and countries needed to save up money in order to call them on the phone. Then, calls needed to be kept short or you could possibly end up owing more than a months pay for just an hour or less of calling. The times have changed and now nearly anyone with a broadband internet connection can make a call for free or nearly so. There is now a system called Ooma that can make calling from home easier, more convenient, and less expensive than ever before. Let’s take a quick look to explore what is Ooma Linx, how it works, and what you might save if you use the service.

The Ooma Linx Setup and How it Can Benefit You

Believe it or not, there are still millions of people that are still paying for home phone service in addition to their cell phone and internet as well. There is absolutely no reason to be paying $30 or more for home service when there are so many better options that are cheaper and offer long distance in addition to local calling. All you have to do is buy the Ooma adapter to get started. Once you’ve installed the adapter you’re able to call all across the US and Canada for a very small fee.

The device plugs directly into your internet’s high-speed modem or router with a regular Ethernet cable (there’s one included in the box as well). After that, all you have to do is plug your standard landline phone into the box to make calls. Either a regular wired phone or a cordless phone will work just the same with crystal clear calls to all of North America. The phone system uses the best VOIP internet service to make calls that are as good or better than your regular landline phone.

The new VOIP uses what is called PureVoice HD in order to get the clearest, most distortion-free clarity available in the world today. Most of the online reviews are raving about the great sound, clarity, and lack of background noises on their calls. Since the new technology is using a type of voice compression that uses very little of your bandwidth most people only see about 350 MB per month of additional internet usage. That’s with an average of 500 minutes per month talk time.

Understanding the Ooma Telo Linx

So, what is Ooma Linx and is it for you? That is something that only you can answer. There are plenty of customers that have decided that Ooma is the best thing going and they’ve left their opinions online in the many customer review forums. There you’ll find people that rave about the service and a few that had problems. Ooma customer service has also gotten great reviews on how they’ve taken care of their many customers and kept them happy. If you’re spending a lot of money on home phone service, especially long distance, you could save nearly all of that money by checking out Ooma to see what they have to offer.

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A Cut To The Chase Review Of Ooma Phone Service

What are your most current options available for home phone service? The type of services you get have changed, but landline service via Ooma Telo or another company is still possible. It is just powered via your Internet connection, and the device is supposed to be modern. It looks modern, but one noticeable flaw in my opinion is that it hooks up to a router.

While that is fine and not a huge negative mark, it makes one have questions. This is the wireless age, so does Ooma offer wireless capability? That’s not referring to a mobile phone, a general receiver or a headset with Bluetooth capabilities. It is referring to the device itself, while stationary, still accessing the Internet in hardwired fashion. That does have its benefits, but at the same time there is that wire.

What You Should Know About Ooma Telephone System

What else is important about Ooma telo VoIP home phone service? It is important to look at all sides of a company and the services they offer. When it comes to Ooma as a choice for residential home phone service, you have the simple fact that all things considered, the device or ‘telo’ is said to be affordable. Additionally, the service itself is affordable because well, there is no monthly phone service fee.

While that is a big draw, there are comparable companies on that point. So, what else makes these kind of services attractive? It is supposed to be better then certain other home phone options at least. For example, cable phone is not supposed to be as good when it comes to connection and quality of sound as well as price. But then you again have other companies that offer comparable products and free service as well.

ooma the smartphone for your home ideasCons and Pros Of Free Home Phone Service

What are the cons? One of them is that you still have to pay phone taxes monthly. Doesn’t that remind you of the old Southwestern Bell phone bills that came in the mail? Until many cellphone companies went with built in taxes for their plan offerings, they too had all kinds of taxes and fees. It wouldn’t seem that would be the norm these days though, and since it is for Ooma, despite the actual service being free, you want to make further comparisons. How much are the taxes and fees? What do other companies charge? Do you have to pay extra for long distance calls?

Another benefit of choosing Ooma for home telephone service is that you can port the number you have already. That is expected perhaps but worth mentioning in a short but comprehensive review of Ooma and the phone service the company offers. You’re also supposed to not just get better sound quality but HD sound quality.

It is interesting to note that the device is said tk be affordable as mentioned but that’s not using the word cheap. There is a difference. Price the device, and then see if the phone service stacks up to your expectations according to this review and others you might have read.

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Reasons To Trust Ooma Telo Voip Home Phone Service

There are people out there who are using average phone solutions, and those are not sufficient for what is needed on a regular basis. You are not going to want to be troubled by your phone because it doesn’t work the way you want. Some people are put into this position, and they don’t deserve to deal with such issues on a regular basis. Instead, you want to take a look at what Ooma Telo home phone service is going to offer as that is a must.

Here is Why You Can Trust Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

Crystal Clear
What about the quality? This is the main reason you are going to want to take a look at Ooma and the quality it’s able to bring to the table. You are going to enjoy being able to speak into the phone and not even have to think about it once.

This is powerful for those who are tired of not being able to enjoy clear phone calls and want to take a step in the right direction. You will never go back to anyone else if quality is what you are after at the end of the day. You will know this is the best on offer.

You should be going with a free option that is not going to leave you struggling to make things work as needed. There is nothing worse than going with an option that’s not free. You want to ensure things are being done in a manner where it is going to, work out positively and you won’t be stuck on the wrong end of things. There are people who are not as selective as they should be and they are the ones who lose out. Take your time and appreciate what you are getting with Ooma free home phone service.

No Drops In Service
The one thing people worry about are drops in service where the line goes dead out of nowhere. You are not going to want to be on the wrong end of that when you have to make an urgent call. The reason this is a #1 ranked service is that it is a high-grade service that is going to put time into what you require and will deliver the results you are after in the long-term. You are going to enjoy not having these drops in service all the time.

These are just some of the main reasons to trust what you are getting with this home phone service. Those who are not enjoying this are the ones who are always going to be a step behind. You have to enjoy what you are getting and how it all comes together. With this service, you will know making calls is going to be easy, and you will be able to make them without limitations. Isn’t that what home phone services should be all about? If yes, you will know Ooma is the first name you should have in front of you.

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An Overview Of Ooma Telo Voice Over IP

How much are you paying each month for your landline telephone service? If you’ve been paying the monthly bill without really thinking about it, then there’s a good chance you’re putting your hard-earned money to waste. An increasing number of home and business owners now use an internet-based landline replacement service. Also called voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, this service can be just what you need to bring down your monthly telephone expenses. And when it comes to selecting a reputable provider, you should look no further than Ooma Telo VoIP.

If you’ve already done your research, then you probably know that the most popular VoIP service providers offer basically the same services. You get basic phone features and good call quality without spending a boatload of money each month. But Ooma Telo works a little bit differently. You only have to shell out money upfront for their table-top adapter. There are no monthly fees, which can amount to a lot of cost savings on your end.

ooma telo voip phoneThere’s one thing lingering in your head right now, and that’s probably trying to find the catch for using this service. There’s actually one, albeit very minor. Ooma Telo doesn’t charge a monthly fee for their VoIP service, but you still have to pay a few bucks each month for taxes. Now, this amount is comparatively lower compared to what you have to spend on internet-based telephone from other service providers. At the end of the day, you can still save more money in your pocket.

Just like most VoIP services, Ooma Telo offers free calls anywhere in the United States. Their rates for international calls are also low, which can prove beneficial if you find yourself making plenty of calls overseas to keep in touch with friends and relatives. You can also get a Premier account with costs $9.99 each month. This will give you access to additional features not available in standard plans.

Ooma Telo also takes pride in how easy-to-use their system is. The Telo adapter comes with a manual that guides you through the installation process. The first thing to do is register for an account. Afterward, you simply have to connect the adapter to your landline telephone and router. This essentially routes your calls over the internet. With Ooma’s PureVoice technology, you don’t have to ever worry about dropped or low quality calls.

There’s also an Ooma mobile app that allows you to enjoy free outbound calls. Other basic services include 911 service, caller ID, call waiting and voicemail. You can even try Ooma Premier for 60 days without any risks. This allows you to see whether the additional features are useful to you and decide later on if you want to keep the Premier account.

Ooma Telo VoIP proves to be among the best on the market. It comes with all the basic features you want in a VoIP service without the hassle of paying heft monthly fees. Be sure to visit the official website to learn more about their product or read more about voip here.


Who can benefit from VoIP?

VoIP certainly has plenty of advantages for both business and individual users. It is cheap, easily accessible and easy to install. It allows you to make and receive calls wherever you are and gives you flexibility and mobility.

How we can help

voip-telephonyWe offer high quality service of VoIP telephony for various clients. We have packages for different clients, no matter if you need it for business or personal use. Also, you can choose how long you want to use the system and there are different packages to suit all your needs. This is why our services are suitable for all clients who want to start using VoIP and experience all its benefits.


No matter the type of business you decide to start, you will need to make phone calls and establish your enterprise’s phone number. Installing our VoIP system can help you develop your business and keep growing. How VoIP telephonyWe give you premium voice quality, good connection and a range of services with the business package. What’s more, it is much more affordable than making calls from a standard landline phone. This is especially useful for the new entrepreneurs, who are still making profits and have only started growing business.

Remote workers

international-phone-callsJust think of the number of multinational companies you know, and imagine how many international phone calls they need to make every day. There are also plenty of employees in domestic companies, but their job requires them to be on the go. All these remote working arrangements can benefit a lot from VoIP. This way you can make international phone calls on a very affordable price. Also, if your work involves traveling, you can take the VoIP phone with you and stay in touch with the bosses and coworkers wherever you are.

Overloaded workers

If you are overloaded with work, it can make you less efficient and overwhelmed. There are plenty of advanced tools and automated functions we offer to our VoIP users. This way you can organize the calls better or even make certain tasks automatic. Therefore, you will have better control over your time and reach higher efficiency and less stress while you work.


The advantages of using VoIP phone service

There are many small and large companies and many individuals who use VoIP today. If you are looking for the best Internet phone service on the market, you are in the right place. This communication system has many advantages for the users, so let us familiarize you with some of them.

What do you need?

internet-connection-and-a-landline-phoneThose who want to use VoIP have very few technical requirements. Basically, all you need is a decent Internet connection and a landline phone. Most of people have these at home, so there should be no obstacles for you to start using our service.

If you are still having second thoughts about using VoIP, we will give you a few reasons why you should switch to this method from the standard system of phone communication.

Few requirements

As we mentioned above, there are very few requirements for successful use of VoIP. All you need is a phone and Internet connection. Our team of professionals will make sure to connect and install everything you need to start making and receiving calls immediately.

Reduced costs

reduced-costsThis is one of the main reasons why so many people switch to this method of telecommunication. Phone services you get from phone companies can be very expensive. This is especially a problem if you make international calls. VoIP allows you to cut the costs significantly, no matter if you use it for personal or business purposes. And with our services, you can save hundreds of dollars each month.

High functionality

VoIP system is highly functional and versatile. It allows you to take the phone with you wherever you are and make and receive calls as you would at home. Everything you need is Internet connection, so you can take it while on a vacation or business trip. This is especially convenient for call center agents and people on positions that require lots of phone conversation.